Printable Fabric Solutions: Products

Tag & PSA Stock

Whether the requirement is for a more durable label or a unique labeling solution, the Printable Fabric Solutions group offers a variety of label stocks with PSA backings. Tag stocks of coated woven and non-woven fabrics are more durable and water resistant than paper and more aesthetic than most films.

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Medical & BioLab Consumables

From wristband materials to cryogenic labeling, the Printable Fabric Solutions group offers coated substrates suitable for a variety of applications. Laser printable coated fabric can be converted into patient wrist bands or further engineered to meet specific requirements. PSA backed coated fabric is more durable than paper and more conformable to different diameters than films. Whether digitally or manually marked, the coated fabrics maintain the print clarity and label integrity required by demanding labeling applications.

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Mattress & Furniture Labels

Printable Fabric Solutions label stocks, from high gloss satin acetates to Tyvek™, are engineered to meet the demands of mattress and furniture labeling. Available in a wide range of finishes,our label stocks are suitedto the varying type of print methods utilized in preparing labels for these markets.

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Printable Fabric Arts & Crafts

100% renewable cotton fabric coated with an ink jet print receptive topcoat. Printable on desktop printers from all major suppliers, these products are ideal for quilting, fabric decorations, and as appliqués, to name a few. Available in white or beige, these fabrics are supplied un-backed, with a removable paper backing (to facilitate feeding through the printer) and with a heat activated adhesive. The heat activated adhesive is also available as a free film.

Automotive Interior Label

The Printable Fabric Solutions group engineers coated fabrics for automotive and interior compartment labeling, which meet the flame retardant requirements of the automotive and air carrier regulations.

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Military Fabric Labels

We offer durable care label stocks that meet Mil Specs DDD-L-20 and Mil-DTL-32075 and that are available in colors established under Federal Standard 595C. These provide printer and label converters a robust labeling solution to meet the requirements of Federal contracts. Available with surfaces engineered for most commercial print technologies, the Military Fabric Label options all meet AATCC IIIA wash requirements.

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Apparel Care Labels

Durable care labels for apparel represent an important market for us. Our OEM customers use digital or hot stamp printing on our coated fabric media as part of a complete in-plant printing solution. Our label printer customers use high quality flexographic, offset, and letter press printing techniques on our coated fabrics and sell the labels directly to brand name apparel companies. We work with distributors in certain apparel markets. In addition, we provide heat seal adhesive coating for apparel labeling. Paper or film label materials cannot match the tear resistance, flexibility, heat stability, and aesthetics of coated fabrics. [simple_tooltip content='We also provide a full range of coated fabric label substrates for flexographic, offset, and letterpress printers. Once printed, our label fabrics are extremely durable and withstand industry standard washing and dry-cleaning. Many meet flame resistance and environmental exposure test requirements. Base fabrics include woven polyesters, woven nylons, cottons, polycottons, acetates, and nonwovens such as spunbonded Reemay® and Tyvek®. We provide product in bulk rolls, slit rolls down to ½-inch widths, and cut sheets.']Learn more![/simple_tooltip]

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