Adhesive Coated Products

Adhesive Coated Products

PSTC Responsible Tape Manufacturer Adhesive Coated Products


Worthen Adhesive Coated products specializes in applying pressure sensitive adhesives to wide variety of substrates. Our technologies provide us the flexibility of using solvent-base, water-base, and hot melt chemistries dependent on the specific application.

Our key markets are Medical and Industrial, but we pride ourselves on customization and being able to provide PSA solutions to any industry. Whether you need a wide PSA web or material converted to a narrow width, Worthen’s ACP can provide the solution.

Adhesive Coated Products
(Graphic Arts) Paperboard


Films (Urethane, Polyolefin, and polyester) Textiles (Woven, Knits, and Non Woven) Foams (Cross Linked Polyethylene and Urethane) Woven Poly Felts Paper

Some of our typical end uses and applications are:

EKG Pads Grounding Pads Wound Care Bandages IV Holders Single & Double Faced Tapes used for Carpet Tile Installation, bulk bag repairs, embroidery backing, labeling, and tarp/temporary building repair

Industrial Adhesive Coated Products