Co-Polyester Products

Co-Polyester Products

EH: Hot-Melt Resins

  • - Crystalline
  • - Good adhesion to various substrates
  • - Excellent chemical resistance
  • - Wide range of heat resistance
  • - No environmental problems

Applications: include Automotive Filters, Label & Spangle, & FFC film

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Hot-Melt Resins for automotive air and oil filters.
Can / coil coatings

ES: Solvent-Borne Resins

  • - Fully Amorphous Structures: solvent soluble
  • - High Molecular Weight, both linear and branched grades
  • - Wide Tg and IV Range: Broad range of properties
  • - Medium Polarity: can be applied to a wide variety of substrates
  • - Adhesion, heat/chemical/solvent resistance, flexibility, low color, transparent

Applications: PCM for appliances, Can Coating & Ink, FFC film, & Industrial Adhesives.

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EW: Water-Borne Resins

  • - EW resins can be used as a coating and binder
  • - Good adhesive performance
  • - Amine/Ammonia-free
  • - Stable pH/viscosity

Applications: Sizing Agent for textiles, over print varnish (paper coating), & adhesion promoter.

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