Film Laminating Adhesives

Film Laminating Adhesives


Worthen Industries offers a variety of primers designed for a multitude of coating techniques. Our primers improve adhesion and expand use of substrates.

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Specialty Adhesives & Coatings


Our lacquer systems add characteristics, such as gloss or matte finishes, scuff resistance, heat and chemical resistance, skid resistance, and water resistance to your structures. Whether you are coating water based or solvent systems, Worthen can develop a coating with the properties you require.

(Adhesives) Heat Seal Coatings

Coating systems with a wide range of viscosities suitable for gravure, flexo, and other coating processes are used for lidding films, candy and tablet packaging, and electronic packaging to name a few applications.

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(Adhesives) Industrial

A full line of clear, pigmented, and FR laminating adhesives for industrial applications are designed for use with a wide variety of substrates, including paper, fabrics (woven and nonwovens), foils, and clear and metallized films.

(Adhesives) Food / Medical / Cosmetic Packaging

Worthen Industries has been developing laminating adhesives for FDA regulated packaging for many years. We have grown into a global supplier of solvent, aqueous, and solventless adhesives for laminating all of the substrates typically used in these markets. You will find our products in most aisles in the grocery store.

(Adhesives) Food / Medical / Cosmetic Packaging