Foam Fabricating Adhesives

Foam Fabricating Adhesives

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The Foam Fabricating Adhesives Group of Worthen Industries develops and manufactures a complete line of adhesives that are used in the foam fabricating assembly of furniture cushions, mattresses, automotive interiors, office chairs and partitions, and related products.


We are a unique supplier to the industry as we formulate and manufacture all types of adhesives including: water based, hot melt, solvent based, reactive, and extruded film adhesives. This allows our customers to choose the right adhesive for their application based on cost per part, efficiency in labor, and user safety, meeting ever-changing regulatory mandates.

Our customers look to us as experts in the industry for decades. Click here to see a recent article we wrote about the use of Propyl Bromide in mattress fabrication.

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Sprayclean process of foam adhesive technology


We have a mattress build adhesive testing laboratory in Richmond, VA. Our chemists, who are dedicated to this market, can actually assemble a mattress exactly like it is done in a mattress factory. This allows them to test new formulations for the many properties that mattress manufacturers require, such as good initial strength, fast dry rate, and permanent destructive bonds.

Our chemists have the ability to perform real mattress testing in our facility and develop the best products possible before we present them to a customer, which allows us to exactly instruct a you on how best to use our product. Our mattress build lab gives us a way to accurately measure the final adhesive cost for constructing a mattress using any adhesive formulation whether it is our new SprayClean®product line or our hot melt product line.


“The airless technology for spray application is hands down better than any water-based system that I have witnessed. It takes all the glue fog [away] and puts [the adhesive] on the product that is being laminated rather than up an exhaust or settling on surrounding surfaces. We were fortunate to be able to work with UPACO on some of the development of the systems.”
Mike Holliday, Senior Management, Manufacturing HSM

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