Footwear Products

Footwear Products

EcoBond® Films: Sole / Midsole Attaching Films

These patented films have been developed to bond to various soling and midsole materials for permanent sole-attaching. Depending upon the substrates to be bonded, the films may be used in-mold or post mold. Standard films are available for bonding PU and EVA materials. Because of the wide variety of rubber compounds our technical sales crew will work with the customer and/or compounder to develop films for specific rubber materials. Please contact your Worthen/UPACO representative for further information.

Footwear Ecobond sole
Stitchless products

EcoBond® Films: Stitchless® Films

These films may be used to eliminate stitching required on uppers for design purposes. The single layer films may be used to permanently combine mesh, synthetics, PVC, TPU, and other materials. By choosing the appropriate coextrusion, one side will seal to the surface of the upper while the other may be printed or colored to give the desired effect without laminating. The following chart shows a few examples of Stichless® film offered. This chart is not meant to be exclusive; films may be custom compounded as required. Please talk to your Worthen/UPACO representative for further information.

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Adhesives & Primers Solvent-Based

Our solvent-based adhesives and primers are available for all aspects of footwear and allied industry manufacturing, from sole-attaching to socklinings and general combining. Technology, substrates, and customer requirements are changing constantly and we change with them. We have developed an RSL (Restricted Substances List) that mirrors the most stringent list our customers ask us to comply with.

Waterproofing: Seam Sealers

Waterproofing: Seam Sealers

Both natural and synthetic water-based seam sealers are available to complete the waterproof package. Whether used with PermaSeal®, booties, or just waterproof leathers, these sealers will stop water from entering the shoe through stitched upper seams. All systems require 2 coats – the first to seal leather fibers and stitch holes; the second to give a firm, flexible, pinhole-free top coating.

Waterproofing: PermaSeal®

This patented technology is based on the concept of "stitch-a-hole/seal-a-hole", to provide an exceptionally high level of waterproofing for Goodyear Welts, Littleway, and 3 Needle constructions.

Goodyear Welts | Littleway Stitching | 3-Needle Stitching

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Custom Goodyear Welts, Littleway, 3-Needle waterproofing systems from PermaSeal
Footwear production

Adhesives & Primers 100% Solids

We carry a full line of standard hot melts, including EVA, SBS, and APAO. These can be fast-grab, long open time, or pressure-sensitive, depending upon customers’ requirements. Some are sprayable, and others require roll coaters or dot printers. Other than our standard hot melts, we also have PUR’s (PolyUrethane Reactive). Our R&D chemists would be pleased to work with you to develop the PUR you need for your manufacturing.

Adhesives & Primers Water-Based

We have a full line of both natural and synthetic latex adhesives for bonding leathers, fabrics, laminated board stock, foams, and other materials. These may be wet-stick, long tack, pressure-sensitive, or heat reactivated, to meet your specific manufacturing restrictions. Spray, roller-coat, and brush application viscosities are available for most products. Let us work with you to choose the product that best fits your needs.

Sampson's rib & machinery

Sampson Rib & Machinery

The Sampson Rib Group supplies INSOLE RIB and RIB ATTACHING MACHINERY to top manufacturers of Goodyear Welted Footwear worldwide. Prime Manufacturing and Sampson are Worthen brands that have been manufacturing Insole Rib in the U.S.A. since 1935.
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