Sampson's Insole Rib Machinery

Sampson's Insole Rib Machinery

Sampson's rib & machinery


In addition to insole rib, we provide rib-attaching machines of both the Sampson and Prime designs. We have machines available for sale, but we also offer low lease options to our Insole Rib customers.

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We are continually trying to find ways to improve the quality of our products, so we wanted to redesign our SRA model with the customer in mind. The importance of simplifying operation, improving ergonomics, and reducing maintenance cost in an evolving industry was a necessity, so we engineered the Sampson TM-14. Click here to learn more about this design.

Sampson’s Rib & Machinery
Sampson’s Rib & Machinery


As with our rib, we manufacture and recondition all our machinery right here in Nashua New Hampshire. We maintain a full inventory of OEM parts to insure that we can keep our customers producing with minimal interruption. We also stock inventory in our China and Vietnam locations, so that we can effectively and efficiently service our customers.