Paper Converting Adhesives Products

Paper Converting Adhesives Products

Natural Based Adhesives

Starch/Dextrin based adhesives used in the glass bottle labeling, paper laminating, box forming, and remoistenables for envelop gums.

Casein Pastes are also used in the labeling of glass bottles, which provides excellent ice water resistance, but is easy to remove during the recycling process.

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Foil Laminating for gum wrappers

Foil Laminating

Worthen manufactures waterbase laminating adhesives for the bonding of foil to paper for food wrappers. These products have high heat resistance and resistance to grease and oils.

Paper Coatings

Worthen manufactures low VOC waterbase coatings for book cover applications. These coatings provide high gloss or can give a matte finish. They provide water, scuff, and crease whitening resistance. They are embossable and can accept foil stamping.

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Case and carton sealing adhesives

Case & Carton Sealing Adhesives

Worthen manufactures hot melts and waterbased adhesives for the forming and sealing of cartons and cases for the food processing industry as well as for general packaging of consumer items. Our products for the food processing industry meet the requirements of the FDA 21CFR175.105 Indirect Food Additives: Adhesives regulation.

Book Binding Adhesives

Worthen manufactures perfect binding hot melts for the book binding industry. These hot melt products are designed to work on a variety of binding machines from high speed, high output binders to small low output binders typically found in offices. We also offer tipping and side seam adhesives for insert and cover attachment.

Book Binding Adhesives