Specialty Adhesives & Coatings: Products

Specialty Adhesives & Coatings: Products


We offer standard and custom pressure sensitive, contact and heat activated adhesives for the automotive, building products, industrial, medical and military markets. Our focus is on developing environmentally friendly compounds to address our customer's specific application requirements. We encourage you to email or phone us to discuss your applications.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Contact Adhesives

Heat Activated Adhesives

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Synthetic turf products

Synthetic Turf Products

We have developed various moisture cure polyurethane adhesives for spray, trowel or glue box applications for synthetic turf installations.

Acoustical Panels & Soundproofing

We offer high solids water based laminating adhesives for bonding various fabrics to fiberglass panels and other insulating substrates. We also manufacture water based edge hardeners to penetrate and reinforce exposed edges of fiberglass. If we do not have a standard product suitable for your application, we are happy to work with you to develop a custom formulation for you.

Specialty Adhesives & Coatings for soundproofing and acoustical panels

Roofing Products

We offer clear-cut edge sealants for TPO and PVC roofing membranes. These sealants are designed for superior resistance to weathering and UV exposure. We also have experience working with moisture cure and contact adhesives for installation of single ply roofing membrane. We are currently developing solutions for meeting California and OTC VOC regulations.

Polyurethane Technology

Our extensive capabilities with polyurethane chemistry allow us to custom formulate with water based, 100% solids hot melt, extruded films or solvent based for adhesive and coating applications. If we do not have a standard product suitable for your application, we are happy to work with you to develop a custom formulation.

Specialty Adhesives & Coatings
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We have a variety of primers to help improve adhesion to different substrates, which complement our other adhesive products. Contact us and we will match the best primer for your adhesive application.