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Updates At Worthen Industries

Follow along to learn more about the team at Worthen Industries, events we attend, product knowledge, and more.

  • Assembling EV Motors With Adhesive - According to Assembly Mag: Electric motors in cars are omnipresent, but they are also well hidden. In today’s late model vehicles, more than 30 motors are typically used to power a variety of applications, including ABS pumps, central locking systems,… READ MORE
  • Using Adhesives in the Design and Development of Medical Devices - According to Reusable medical devices pose some unique challenges for design engineers, particularly when it comes to the proper selection of materials, adhesives, sealants, coatings and encapsulants. Surgical instruments, implantable devices, catheters, endoscopes and ultrasound probes are just some… READ MORE
  • Innovative Solutions and New Facilities Widen Use of Automotive Adhesives - According to DesignNews: Automotive adhesives present one of the best solutions to adhere components in different parts of an automotive vehicle. From bonding materials in electric motors to keeping components in circuit boards together, the application of automotive adhesives is… READ MORE