BedTimes Magazine Worthen Profile – Sticky, Sustainable Solutions for Mattress Makers

Published by BedTimes Magazine – September 2022

Worthen Industries makes connection with deep family bonds and customer-first commitments

by David Perry

Worthen Industries knows about ties that bind. The Nashua, New Hampshire-based company, which serves the mattress industry and almost a dozen others, is now in its fourth generation as a family-owned company. Family bonds run deep in the business.

But those are not the only bonds. Worthen’s growing mattress business is also held together by something else — adhesives.

Yes, Worthen provides the glue that holds many of today’s mattresses together. The company’s Foam Fabricating Adhesives Group, based in Richmond, Virginia, provides sticky solutions for mattress makers looking to keep their foam layers securely in place.

The company has been offering bonding solutions since it was founded back in 1866 as Union Paste Co. (known as UPACO). Its first pastes were used by manufacturers of boots, shoes, paper boxes, paper bags, book bindings and trunks.

Nowadays the company’s empire extends far beyond paste. It has 12 business units, five U.S. locations, five international locations, and serves industries from footwear to renewable energy with products that range from printable fabrics to staples and nails. Home furnishings are the focus of the company’s Foam Fabricating Adhesives Group, which designs, manufactures and provides adhesives solutions that bond cushioning materials in mattress and furniture manufacturing operations across the United States.

That group, and the company’s other business groups, have found success by concentrating on the needs of their customers with forward-looking, sustainable products and processes, officials say.

“At Worthen Industries, we believe the future is worth doing right,” notes Steve Adams, business manager for the Foam Fabricating Adhesives Group, citing the company’s tag line. “So, we specialize in sustainable innovation by applying technology and a customer-first approach to every challenge. The result isn’t just an industry-leading product. It’s a solution that ensures the processes, product quality, efficiency and environmental practices of our customers are optimized.”

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