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The Film Laminating business manufactures high-quality adhesives, heat seals, primers, coatings, and lacquers. Our broad product offering encompasses general-purpose to high-performance solvent-based, water-based, and solventless adhesives used to laminate film, paper, foil, fabric, and other flexible substrates. These products are used in a wide array of applications for the industrial, automotive, aerospace, and flexible packaging markets.



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We take pride in knowing our customers’ end use and application techniques to help build better products for more efficient use. Our team strives to surpass our customers’ needs and thrives on meeting new challenges everyday.

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Challenge Us!

We strive on customization and the ability to develop solutions that add value to our customer. We welcome the challenge and opportunity to provide solutions.


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Jeffrey Albertelli
Business Unit Manager
Direct #: 603.821.6337

Stephanie Laurin
Technical Manager
Direct #: 603.821.5982

Rose Hatch
Customer Success Rep
Direct #: 603.821.5981

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