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Worthen Industries extrudes thermoplastic resins for supported or unsupported film products. Our strong technical team can custom-develop thermoplastic compounds and blends to suit most applications. Our processing versatility allows us to convert most thermoplastic materials as a film or laminate structure to paper, film, or fabric. Our in-house development capabilities allow us to create film properties for the most demanding physical, environmental, and post-processing applications.

Processing locations: both Nashua, NH facilities

Thermoplastic MaterialsOur range is High Molecular weight structural grades to Low Molecular weight elastomers and thermal activated adhesives systems.
Olefins - Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Copolymers
TPU – Thermoplastic Urethane – Polyester and Polyether
Copolyesters with softening point temperatures as low as 65°C
TPR – TPV´s - EPDM based elastomers.

All of these material can be custom blended or compounded with additive systems for physical reinforcement, flame retardance, UV resistance, color, adhesion promotion, antiblock and other required properties.
Processing CapabilitiesWe can further enhance the product design with co-extrusion combining different resin systems in one, two or three layer structures to optimize design or improve economics.

Our basic film construction capabilities are as follows, but we encourage you speak to our customer service representatives about our full range of capabilities:
Gauge - 0.001 - 0.015 inches
Width - 40 – 72 inches
Multi-layering capabilities
Package size from 50 to 2000 linear yds – 40 inch diameter (dependent on web gauge)