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Paper Converting & Packaging Adhesives

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Printing and packaging from recycled paper rolls, industrial commercial envelope making machine, manufacture of corrugated paper and containers of paper and paperboard.


The Paper Converting and Packaging Adhesives Group of Worthen Industries supplies adhesives and coatings to paper converters and general packagers of industrial and consumer products. We develop and manufacture adhesives and coatings for foil to paper laminating, case and carton sealing/closing, perfect binding hot melts, and other specialty adhesives. We encourage you to contact us so we can discuss how our extensive experience in the industry and advanced capabilities position us to meet all of your paper coating needs.



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We are a unique supplier to the industry as we formulate and manufacture all types of adhesives including: water based, hot melt, solvent based, reactive, and extruded film adhesives. This allows our customers to choose the right adhesive for their application based on cost per part, efficiency in labor, and user safety, meeting ever-changing regulatory mandates.

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We provide Natural Based Adhesives that are Starch, Dextrin, and/or Casein based for glass labeling, paper laminating, box forming/closing, and remoistenables market.



Steve Adams
Business Manager
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R&D Lab Manager

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Customer Success Administrator
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