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The Performance Coatings and Adhesives (PCA) business unit, located in Worthen’s Nashua, NH South facility, provides both custom-formulated and toll-manufactured solutions. Based upon decades of polyurethane and compounded polymer technologies, Worthen serves diverse markets including: aerospace, automotive, Military textile garments and gear, flooring, packaging, building, construction and architectural structure.

Standard liquid coating and adhesive products can be solvent or water-based designs. Worthen’s performance urethanes offer outstanding properties that can be customized for specific customer applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art synthesis laboratories and scale-up equipment, Worthen can incorporate fire-retardant, antimicrobial, gloss level, durability, breathability and hardness properties into a unique solution.

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Worthen PCA offers extensive dispersing, compounding and polymerization capabilities. For customers who have an existing formula and do not require development efforts, Worthen’s toll-manufacturing services provide an exceptional solution.



Worthen PCA offers a variety of fire-retardant coating and lamination systems that serve the textile industry. A specialized PBDE-Free solvent-based system offers a clear fire-retardant solution that binds the active FR agent within the polymer chain. This reduces the probability of migration, unlike heavily compounded fire-retardant powder-based systems. Whether your market is Military, aerospace or general industrial applications, Worthen can meet all your fire-retardant needs.


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