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The Printable Fabric Solutions Group provides coated and laminated woven fabrics, nonwoven, and certain films for label converters and commercial printers. Our products are used in a broad range of applications, including apparel care tags, durable PSA labels, and medical consumables. Our coated products are engineered to be compatible with all modern printing methods, ink chemistries, and converting processes.



Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing

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Coated fabrics are used in label and commercial print applications that require sewing, durability, flexibility and conformability, or unique aesthetic attributes. The Printable Fabric Solutions group has been developing unique product solutions for the label market for over 4 decades. We are well-prepared to meet the demanding needs of our customers as the printing world changes rapidly.



The Worthen Printable Fabric Solutions Group provides a series of unique synthetic products for the digital imaging under their brand Fusion Digital Paper. Learn more at


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Business Unit Manager
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Sara Sanders
Customer Support Representative
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Sales Manager
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