Staple & Nail Products: Products

Staple & Nail Products: Products

Collating Tapes

We are the world leader in the manufacture of paper and plastic collating tapes for the fastener industry. We pride ourselves in having the most complete line of heat sealable tapes for collating staples, nails, c-rings and other specialty fasteners. In addition to the wide range of thicknesses, slit widths, and activation temperatures we offer, we also manufacture tapes specifically designed for adhesion to galvanized wire.

Collating tapes
Fastener coatings

Fastener Coatings

We developed our specialty nail coatings to facilitate drivability while maximizing holding power. Both our water-based and solvent-based nail coating products are designed to provide excellent corrosion resistance. We have adhesives specifically designed for optimal coverage in either difficult bulk coating applications, or for the coating of collated nails and staples. Our line of water borne adhesives and coatings provide high quality performance, within a more environmentally sensitive package.

Staple & Wire Band Adhesives

Our staple adhesives provide exceptional metal adhesion and impact resistance, minimizing both scrap on the factory floor and breakage in the field. We offer a complete line of collating adhesive for use on band-line, multi-wire / inline press, single, and polywire machines. Our wide range of formulations offer our customers a variety of performance properties such as optimum holding power, high impact resistance, and maximum dry speed. We will also custom formulate an adhesive, to suit special applications.

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