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The Staple and Nail Product Group specializes in helping fastener manufacturers collate and improve the performance of their fasteners with high-quality, unique solutions. Some of these solutions include liquid staple collating adhesives, fastener performance coatings, and heat-activated collating tapes.




Building & Construction

Our products include: staple and staple wire band adhesive for all sizes and applications, nail and staple secondary coatings for performance enhancement, and heat sealable collating tapes for a wide range of fastener sizes.

Stack of metal staples for stapler gun isolated on white background, close up. Industrial tool.


CT-2775 is a cleaner/tape remover that is based on (>96%) renewable, readily biodegradable and USP-grade raw materials that allows customers to safely and effectively remove the adhesive and paper from their scrapped nails, so that they can be reclaimed and introduced back into the collating process. Click here to read the full case study.

Industry News

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