Worthen Industries is a
solutions company.
We have been applying science and technology to develop high quality adhesives,
coatings, extruded films, and laminated products since 1866.




Worthen Industries began in 1866 as Union Paste Company (UPACO). We have since grown to offer fifteen distinct product lines, but we keep the original values of our family-owned company alive.

We embrace sustainability and operate in a fully responsible manner according to our Corporate Values. And, of course, we take care of our employees and our community in the same way we would take care of our own family.

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We honor our customers and their need for fast and accurate solutions. Our mission is simple: to exceed their expectations. After 150 years in the industry, we know how to meet your needs.

We provide value to our customers by being dynamic and “can do” when they present us with their unique needs.

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Worthen Industries’ success is built on the simultaneous pursuit of economic viability, environmental quality, and worker-community health. Sometimes this is called Corporate Social Responsibility; we just call it our Responsibility.

We are committed to working with our customers, suppliers, and vendors to apply responsible and innovative environmental practices in our design, production, and distribution processes. We have several success stories from when we combined our passion for sustainability with our ability to creatively achieve customer goals. Worthen’s highly-qualified professional staff and specialized consultants are helping us to go beyond the mandatory regulatory requirements at our facilities.

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Worthen Industries 250+ employees are among the best and brightest in our industries, and they are treated with the dignity and professionalism they deserve.

Safety is a non-negotiable. Our safety mission statement is driving us to be an accident-free work environment. In addition to our Employee Assistance Program, we offer our employees a Wellness Coach to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We invest in our employees’ professional development and recognize when they go above and beyond to deliver value to our customers. After all, they are our best asset.

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We don’t sell products--we sell solutions. That means when you present our team with a challenge, we are committed to finding you the answer.

We have the resources of five production facilities and twelve Business Units at our disposal to tackle those problems that other companies won’t.

We employ a systems-thinking approach to every challenge, so you can count on us to evaluate all cost, environmental, safety, and end-customer factors during R&D and testing.

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Image: Solar panels on the roof of Worthen's Clinton, MA plant



We are worldwide company, but we take pride in the local communities where we operate.

Worthen Industries is an active supporter of nonprofit organizations and associations. We are committed to encouraging employee wellness, participating in the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke Out and the Cigna/Elliot Hospital 5k Road Race. Many of our philanthropic efforts focus on environmental protection and sustainability.

Our employees are our company’s best ambassadors. They are encouraged to become involved in local community organizations to help make the world a better place.


Worthen’s constant drive for innovation, investment in our staff, and forward-thinking leadership has taken us from a one-product operation in 1866 to a system of fifteen industry-leading business units with worldwide operations and a large portfolio of patents.

Slide Worthen History 1866 1866-1870

A.L. Woodward of Lowell , Massachusetts founded
Union Paste & Sizing Company. In 1870, Joshua Chase changed the company
name to Union Paste Company and the single adhesive product became known as
“Chase’s Prepared Paste”.

Slide 1930

Charles Farnsworth, great grandfather to the present ownership, founded Farnsworth Inc.,
manufacturer of bias binding for the footwear industry, in Lowell, MA.

Worthen history 1930
Slide 1954

Frederic P Worthen purchased Farnsworth Inc.

Worthen History 1954
Slide 1963

Union Paste Co and Southern Adhesives of Richmond, VA were purchased.
Union Paste Company later became known as UPACO Adhesives.

Worthen History 1963
Slide 1965 – 1977

Delco Rubber Corporation, New York Laminating Co, Monumental Adhesives Co.
Empire Adhesives Co., and Roman Adhesives were acquired.

Worthen History 1965
Slide 1978-1979

UPACO moved from Hyde Park, MA to Nashua NH, and a new manufacturing
location for the NYLCO Division was opened in Newnan, GA. Worthen Industries
was formed encompassing all of the entities purchased over the previous 36 years
under the trade names UPACO and NYLCO.

worthen history 1978 photo
Slide 1979

In 1979, Frederic “Rick” Paine Worthen, Fred’s 2nd oldest son,
moved to Newnan, Georgia to oversee the construction of a new NYLCO plant.
Rick subsequently managed the plant for over 20 years until the
plant closed in the early 2000s.

worthen history 1979 photo
Slide 1982 - 1985

Peter T. Worthen, Frederic P. Worthen’s oldest son, was appointed President
from 1982 – 1985

Worthen history 1982
Slide 1985 - 2009

Frederic P. Worthen’s middle child, Robert F. Worthen,
was appointed President in 1985 and maintained this position until 2009.

Worthen history 1985
Slide 1986

The Business Unit concept was introduced in order to focus our services and technology
on the needs of our customers in specific markets. Today Worthen has 12 Business Units
split between the UPACO & NYLCO Divisions.

Worthen History 1986
Slide 2001

UPACO Division opened a wholly owned subsidiary, UPACO Asia Limited, with offices in
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, and Dong Guan City, China.

Worthen History 2001
Slide 2002-2003

A manufacturing facility in Michigan was purchased from Avery-Dennison, along with
acquiring two companies in Massachusetts, Odell-Williams and Prime Manufacturing.
All of which were coating companies supplying the label, flexible hose, and footwear markets.

Worthen History 2002
Slide 2005

Worthen purchased an extrusion line and entered the extruded film market.

Worthen history 2005
Slide 2006

A 155,000 sq ft plant was purchased in North Nashua, as a second location to consolidate
converting operations and to warehouse raw materials and finished goods. A 86” tenter
frame coater was also purchased and installed.

Worthen facility
Slide 2009

David S. Worthen, the youngest son of Frederic P Worthen, was appointed president.

Worthen's history 2009
Slide 2010 – 2014

Equipment relocation from Clinton, Ma. and the South Nashua plant to the
North facility took place over several months. In addition to the purchase of
a third extrusion line and coater with an oxidizer.

Worthen history 2010
Slide 2015-2016

Purchased a new warehouse in Richmond, VA, and a new manufacturing facility
in Michigan to consolidate the two Grand Rapids locations. A new coating line
was also purchased to increase capacity.

Worthen history 2015