Worthen Adhesives Capabilities

Worthen Capabilities


Worthen Capabilities

Throughout Worthen Industries' 5 US manufacturing locations, we have a wide range of capabilities to meet the most demanding and unique challenges. Each location has experienced technical and manufacturing teams that collaborate throughout the company to provide the best solution and service to our customers.

In the words of David Worthen, "we have a whole lot of tools in our toolbox to solve people's problems".


Our flexibility and experience allows us to handle the most difficult webs. Throughout the many Worthen locations, we provide various converting services for a wide range of substrates including, paper, film, foam, and a wide variety of coated and uncoated textiles (woven/nonwoven).

Slitting | Sheeting | Spooling | Calendaring | Die Cutting | Laminating | Corona treatment

Processing locations: Nashua NH, Clinton MA, Grand Rapids MI

laboratory containers with multicolored liquids

Custom Adhesives & Coatings

Our R&D chemists are experienced formulators of water based, solvent based, hotmelts, 100% solids and thermoplastic resin blend products. Please contact us to discuss having a product designed to meet your specifications and application requirements.

Processing locations: Nashua NH, Richmond VA

Film Extrusion

Worthen Industries extrudes thermoplastic resins for supported or unsupported film products. Our strong technical team can custom-develop thermoplastic compounds and blends to suit most applications. Our processing versatility allows us to convert most thermoplastic materials as a film or laminate structure to paper, film, or fabric. Our in-house development capabilities allow us to create film properties for the most demanding physical, environmental, and post-processing applications.

Processing locations: both Nashua, NH facilities


Web Coating

Worthen Industries specializes in our ability to coat many different types of substrates. Over the years we have invested in a variety of coating technologies to provide unique product development solutions for our customer base. The table below provides you with an overview of Worthen’s capabilities. To get more in-depth information please contact us.

Processing locations: Nashua NH, Clinton MA, Grand Rapids MI

Toll Manufacturing

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements for toll manufacturing. Please use the Contact Us form or phone us: 603-888-5443