Performance Coatings & Adhesives

Performance Coatings & Adhesives Products

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Our textile customers rely on our water- and solvent-borne urethanes to coat a variety of substrates including nylon, polyester, and poly-cotton blends to produce fabrics that are fire retardant, breathable, water-proof, and scuff resistant. These fabrics find use in applications such as golf apparel, soft-sided luggage, backpacks, and tents.


Worthen has collaborated with the automotive industry for decades to develop specialty solutions for demanding applications. Our water-borne urethane adhesives offer an environmentally friendly alternative to laminate polyethylene foam to vinyl and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) substrates used in automotive interiors. Extensive years of research and development on water and solvent-borne top coatings makes Worthen your automotive interior solutions provider.

Automotive Interior Label
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PBDE-Free Fire-Retardant Coating

Worthen offers a “California compliant” PBDE- (polybrominated diphenyl ether) free solvent-based fire retardant urethane coating used in the manufacture of outdoor apparel, mattress covers, and tents. Our transparent PBDE-free coating system binds the fire-retardant chemistry within the polymer and avoids the need for compounding any unbound, opaque powders.

Air Holding Devices

For laminating films to textile substrates, Worthen Performance Coatings & Adhesives provides solution-based urethane adhesives.  These systems are often utilized for air-holding escape slides, mattresses, life vests and rafts.

Apparel Care Labels

Product Care Label Coatings

Worthen manufactures high-performance acrylic and urethane-based coatings for use in clothing and a variety of product-care labels.