For the first time in Worthen history, we hosted a cross-plant companywide event in August – A Brand Better Defined. We came together as a family to hear updates on the brand, and to have a conversation with Eric on anything and everything Worthen. We appreciate those who attended and participated in the feedback survey. We take this input seriously and will be using it for future planning.

Additional questions for Eric were asked in the survey

What do you expect from the Worthen sites regarding operating standards? What are you proud of and where is there room for improvement overall?

Eric’s Response

What I expect from an operating standard at our plants is that we offer a safe, clean and engaging environment in which employees feel that they are valued and heard. The greatest asset this company has is its employees, and if we fail to tap into that we are
failing as an organization.

I am proud of the atmosphere that we have in our facilities and the fact that people are treated as people and not numbers. I am proud that more and more opportunities for engagement are happening. However, this is where I think we have the greatest opportunity for improvement. I have always felt that our operators are an extension of our R&D departments. Some of the items we produce are not easy and it’s the expertise and commitment of the plant operators that make it happen. Many of our competitors do not have that same dedication and expertise.

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